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We Turn Concrete into Conversation

Now is the time to take advantage of the fastest growing commercial solution! 

Your Business Can Experience the Awe-inspiring Transformation of Flawlessly Polished Concrete

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Your Flawless floor can be dyed, patterned, and polished to a variety of finishes for a custom result you’ll love 

Customers notice excellence and they often say it out loud. 

“Wow, look how bright this floor is” and “Is this concrete?” will become routine conversation.  This improves your customer and employee experiences in your facility.

Beautiful Shine

It’s not just a floor, it’s a first impression. Your customers will notice the beautiful, high-gloss shine of polished concrete. Give them a lasting impression they’ll appreciate.

Project: Spring Hill Tennessee

This project customer chose to include a custom colored stain/dye with our fluid applied sealer to enhance the beautiful 800 grit polish.

Un-matched Durability

When you have a floor this nice, you want it to stay that way. Flawless polished concrete requires little maintenance, and will not rip or scuff, staying beautiful much longer than traditional flooring solutions.

Project: Tampa Florida

This customer needed to blend some concrete blemishes and troughs from the store conversion, which a charcoal dye and sealer accomplished beautifully.

Cost Effective

Polished concrete is the most valuable bang for the buck. The durability and low maintenance requirements over the life of the floor make it the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace.

Project: Sarasota Florida 

This project had older and newer sections of concrete to handle properly. The concrete was ground to only 100 grit, then the dye and epoxy sealer made this floor look like water 3 feet deep.

More Sanitary

COVID has only increased the emphasis on cleanliness. This flooring choice is smooth and solid, without any cavities or pores that otherwise harbor dust mites, mold, pet dander, and pathogens.

Project: Bradenton Convenience Store

This project was an economic option to gain the basic benefits of a ground and sealed concrete floor in their coolers, storage, and office areas.

Quality Guaranteed

We believe the details matter. The Flawless name means we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with a beautiful lasting result for your floor project. We’re eager to show you what world-class quality looks like!

Time is Money. You Can Trust Us to be On time and On Budget.

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Corey and Bill served together in 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines.  They take pride in serving our great country and our military veterans.

Corey Taylor


Corey graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served 8 successful years as a U.S. Marine Officer and logistician before pursuing full-time entrepreneurship. The USMC deployment demands provided amazing leadership and operational experience, and Corey’s founding and management of several successful private companies demonstrated his ability to form and lead high-performance teams to excel at accomplishing the company mission.

Bill W. Morris Jr

VP of Operations

Bill served 23 years in the Marine Corps as a logistician and Staff NCO, where he developed a high-level of leadership and operational skills. Those skills were further developed in his management of teams for international manufacturing companies Intertractor and Caterpillar. Bill’s reliability, work ethic, and leadership ability is matched only by his passion for transforming concrete floors into flawlessly fantastic features.